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Our Story

With an impetuous passion for Pearls, our founder travelled to the origin farms where pearl grows to understand the life cycle of the most elegant gemstone on the planet. Since then, our pearl experts travel thousands of miles around the world every year to our selected pearl farms to choose the best pearls which meet the Perla D’or standard. We not only pay attention to the quality of pearls, we also check the water quality, the health of the pearl oysters, the surrounding natural environment of our pearl farms and the wellbeing of the people working there. We ensure that we only choose the finest natural pearls from the most reputable sources.

The longer the pearl oyster grows, the better the quality pearl it produces (size, shape, luster, nacre etc.). Unlike the commonly traded quality pearls on the market, which only develop from 18-months to two years, Perla D’or only select pearls with a growth period of approximately 2-5 years. Some of our top-quality pearls can even grow up to as long as eight years.

90% of the pearl farms are not willing and able to wait so long to harvest their pearls. To make sure that the pearl farm keeps the pearl growth period long enough to give the quality we require, we pay a sufficient amount of deposit to our selected pearl farm years before the pearls are harvested. In this case, we also have the privilege having the first selection of their best pearls from each harvest.

In addition, when we are selecting our pearl farms, we not only pay attention to their productivity and pearl growing skills, we only select the pearl farms that share the same values as us: compare to the profit we care more of grow our pearls to their best quality and bring the best to our clients.

Grading pearls is very labor intensive. Our selected farm produces tens of thousands of oysters annually with a 60% success rate, but only the top 10% of their pearls meet the quality standards of a Perla D’or Pearl. We employ very well educated and skillful pearl grading experts to grade and select the best pearls which meet the strict standard of Perla D’or.

We have a strong design team full of passionate and young designers that design hundreds of new designs every month. Only a select few designs will make it into full production.

By following our strict quality policies, we can proudly announce to all our customers that we offer the best quality at the same price, or in other words, for better quality, we give you the best price.